• Ron Carter, Founder
    OAA, MRAIC, ARIDO - Architect
    Ron Carter is the founding principal of R.H. Carter Architects Inc. Over the past 30 years, Ron has grown the business into an award-winning architectural firm recognized for its commercial, institutional and residential projects. Since 1988, when Ron’s winning design entry for Nissan’s corporate headquarters secured them as a client, R.H. Carter Architects has emerged as a leader in the design and management of automotive retail programs, with over 17 national clients including Ford, General Motors and Nissan. In the intervening years the firm has diversified while staying true to its mandate to provide exceptional design solutions with the highest level of service. Ron is currently involved in a broad range of projects, including custom residential design, the design and management of the General Motors program in Canada, as well as numerous facility projects throughout Ontario. His passion for design and his creative vision continue to be an integral part of R.H. Carter Architects.

    R.H. Carter Architects Inc.
    1985 - Present
  • Robert Arnone, President
    B. Tech (Arch. Sci), B. Arch., M. Arch., OAA, MRAIC, NCARB, LEED AP - Architect
    Robert Arnone is the President at R. H. Carter Architects Inc. An architect with more than three decades in the industry, Robert enjoys a broad range of responsibilities and has strengths in all areas of the practice from design to construction. Robert brings a high level of passion and energy to his projects and successfully oversees national retail design programs and corporate office development. He has recently designed flagship projects for Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. He manages several national retail programs, including Ford of Canada. A highly skilled communicator, Robert is often called upon to prepare and launch national corporate initiatives to retailers across Canada. He continues to create innovative strategies for program implementation. He has provided design services to numerous corporate brands including Best Buy, Apple, Levi’s and Loewen.

    R.H. Carter Architects Inc.
    1989 – Present
  • Emil Frank, Senior Project Manager
    B. Tech
  • Tushar Patel, Associate Architect
    B. Arch., OAA – Architect
  • Ahuva Woods, Associate Architect
    B. Arch., OAA, OAQ, MRAIC, LEED AP - Architect
    Ahuva brings over 30 years of experience to the firm. As an architect and senior member of R.H. Carter Architects Inc., she oversees the production department, managing on-time and on-budget project delivery. She assists in the coordination of site plan application and building permit documentation, tender procurement, and construction administration. In this role she also is tasked with mentoring junior staff on office process and procedure as it relates to construction documentation and drawing standards. Ahuva provides support to the firm’s seven project managers and chairs bi-weekly meetings designed to share information and improve workflow and communication amongst senior staff.

    Associate Architect
    R.H. Carter Architects Inc.
    2011 - Present
  • Kevin Ouellette, Associate Architect
    B. Arch, OAA, MRAIC, LEED AP - Architect
    As a senior member of the firm specializing in national retail program implementation, Kevin bridges creative design solutions with retailer operational requirements and OEM image program guidelines. He brings a disciplined, problem-solving approach to his work, successfully creating national retail designs for clients across the country. His continued efforts help to strengthen the firm’s reputation as an automotive retail industry leader. He has travelled extensively throughout Canada on numerous projects and has provided design solutions for Infiniti in both Mexico and South America. Kevin has recently managed development and the ongoing implementation of the new Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI) Program for Hyundai Canada, having spent time in Korea training for the initiative.

    Associate Architect
    R.H. Carter Architects Inc.
    2002 – Present
  • John Sinopoli, Senior Project Manager
    B. Tech – Technologist
  • Shawn Houghtling, Senior Associate Architect
    B.A., M. Arch., OAA, MRAIC
    As a Senior Associate Architect with R. H. Carter Architects Inc., Shawn collaborates with clients and their local consultants to best incorporate branding initiatives while addressing local architectural conditions. In partnership with a number of manufacturers and their national or international retail facility image programs, Shawn has consulted on the design of hundreds of automotive retail facilities, both new build and renovation solutions, in each province across Canada. Specialties: Architectural Branding / Automotive Retail Facility Planning

    Senior Associate Architect
    R.H. Carter Architects Inc.
    1999 – 2006 & 2010 - Present
  • Brian Danby, Architect
    B. Arch, OAA, TSA - Architect
    Brian is an original core member of R.H. Carter Architects Inc. He is a licensed architect with over 26 years of experience in construction administration, tender negotiation and building permit and site plan application and procedure. Brian’s collaborative approach has led to over 100 successful construction completions. In his current role as consultant, he continues to represent the firm on projects from the planning and approval stages through to construction and project completion.

    R.H. Carter Architects Inc.
    1988 – Present
  • Alex Wong, Senior Program Manager
    B. Tech (ARSC), DIP.LANDS
    Alex Wong is a Senior National Program Manager at R. H. Carter Architects. With over a decade of experience managing several of the firm's premium automotive design programs, he currently manages the BMW and Mini programs across Canada. Alex has recently designed flagship projects for Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

    Senior Program Manager
    R.H. Carter Architects Inc.
  • Joseph Ricci, Senior Project Manager
    B. Tech (ARSC) – Architectural Technologist
    Joseph, a senior architectural technologist, is an original core member of R.H. Carter Architects Inc. With over 30 years in the business, Joseph is among the more knowledgeable project managers in the industry. Today, in his role as consultant to the firm, he manages many construction projects, and is in his element overseeing difficult and challenging tasks. He has provided services to Mercedes-Benz Canada for over 15 years, assisting them with various projects in Toronto, Maple, Oakville and Brampton, Ontario.

    Senior Architectural Technologist and Project Manager
    R.H. Carter Architects Inc.
    1988 – Present